Qur’an – Juz Translations

Assalamu’alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters!

It has been quite a while since we’ve posted to our website; rest assured though Haji Hamith remains preoccupied with his continued work in the dawah of Allah (swt). It brings us great pleasure to announce Haji Hamith has, with resources made freely available to in our internet community, compiled numerous translations of Juz 30 – Amma. These books are made with only the intent of serving dawah for the pleasure of allah (swt) and the education of the world in the ways of Islam.

Haji Hamith has worked tirelessly to do his best compiling these books; we ask Allah (swt) to forgive us for any mistakes made and also ask that our online community of brothers and sisters let us know if you find any issues with the dawah we’ve put out here.

Below, please find a list of translations of Juz 30 – Amma in various languages throughout the world. We hope you all gain some beneficial knowledge from reading these and ask Allah (swt) to bless us through these times of hardship, and also through our times of comfort. Please enjoy the fruits of our labor dear Brothers and Sisters. May Allah (swt) shine a light upon us all, throughout our lives and guide us along the righteous path and may He also bless our dearly beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws).

Wa’laikum salam!

Quran Juz 1 – Baqrah translations:

Juz 1 – Baqarah in Khmer

Quran Juz 30 – Amma translations:

Juz 30 – Amma in Albanian

Juz 30 – Amma in Bangladesh

Juz 30 – Amma in Bosnian

Juz 30 – Amma in Chinese

Juz 30 – Amma in French

Juz 30 – Amma in Indonesian

Juz 30 – Amma in Italian

Juz 30 – Amma in Japanese

Juz 30 – Amma in Korean

Juz 30 – Amma in Malay

Juz 30 – Amma in Russian

Juz 30 – Amma in Somali

Juz 30 – Amma in Spanish

Juz 30 – Amma in Swedish

Juz 30 – Amma in Vietnamese & Cham

Juz 30 – Amma in Azerbaijana

Juz 30 – Amma in Malayama

Juz 30 – Amma in English & Khmer

Juz 30 – Amma in German

Juz 30 – Amma in Cham

Juz 30 – Amma in Vietnamese

Stories of the Prophets translations:

The Story of Prophet Dawud and Suleiman in Cham